Welcome to Crumpet Cottage

After years of living in student digs, on friends’ sofas and boomeranging back to parents’ spare rooms – Mrs Crumpet (me!) finally has a little flat!

It seemed for a long time that this day would never come, while other little girls were playing with prams and planning their extravagant Barbie style wedding, I was dreaming up the interior décor of my imaginary tree house.

Luckily for me I met my Mr Crumpet! One who cooks brilliantly (I am best left to baking cakes) is perfectly house trained and also cute as a button. How did I manage that?!

Hard part over… or is it?

Now we are on a mission, to find out what makes a house a home, and would like to share our adventures along the way, anything that we eat, live and love.

Happy. Heart. Home.

– Miss C x

Crumpet and Tulips