The first night alone in a new pad always gives me the heebie-jeebies! I love going to art galleries on my own, seeing films on my own, even sitting in a coffee shop with a croissant, sans book, on my own. But the prospect of coming home to an empty house, no Mr Crumpet in sight, makes me shudder!

But, I had to be brave… who am I kidding! I took the cowards way out and invited a girlfriend round for dinner!

In my mind, a candle lit, girlie dinner on the floor (no seating as yet), catching up on love, life and laughs, all sounded very bohemian. And, it was, until the pins and needles set in, and a full glass of wine was sent flying across the carpet.

However this superhealthy homemade pizza recipe made up for all that, and my very patient guest even promised to come again (provided more than a cushion can be offered to sit on).

– Mrs C x

Chopping Courgette

Tomato Sauce

Uncooked pizza

Superhealthy Pizza