Candlelight cannot be beaten for setting the mood on a relaxed romantic evening. It hides a multitude of flaws, softens features and makes a dreary dinner seem magical.

However, after a week or two, I’m afraid the charm wears off. You just want a nice 240v, energy saving light bulb.

Desperate times caused me to alight attic stairs with trepidation. In a dull corner, I spied a forgotten pair of lamps, which had belonged to my Mother (I vaguely remember tracing my chubby little fingers along the ceramic curves of their bases when I was still at nursery school).

Skipping home, clutching my prize, it took Mr. Crumpet some persuasion to let them in the front door. I promised after some TLC they would not be looking the ugly shade of pinky brown he saw before him. And I was right!

A gentle clean with soapy water (avoid the plugs) and some simple cream linen shades from Homebase, they now have a new life.

Ceramic Lamp

Ceramic Lamp Shade

Here are some more lovely table lamps that you won’t have to break through cobwebs for:

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– Miss C x
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