Mr Crumpet says…

Herb Pots and trowelSome of us are blessed with acres, some just a windowsill. Regardless of your outdoor stretch, embarking on your gardening adventure comes highly recommended at Crumpet Cottage.

Despite being blessed with just two by point seven five metres of balcony space, we are soon expecting our first crop of courgettes. Although most veg require planting between March and May, there are still plenty of options including lettuce, tomatoes and spring onions. For the latter, plant close together to prevent the bulbs developing too much (they are actually juvenile onions), in rows four or so inches apart, ensuring the soil is moist.

Harvest them throughout the summer and add to light, crispy salads. Alternatively, chop them in to creamy mashed potato – my ultimate recipe to follow soon.

Happy planting

– Mr C

Ripening Yellow Tomatoes

Lettuce Leaves