The thought of a carb free existence brings tears to my eyes and automatically finds my hand reaching for the bread bin.  Making your own bread is a truly simple pleasure, filling the house with amazing smells and your belly with amazing contentment.

I don’t own a bread maker; I use my own hands and find bread making highly therapeutic after a tough day. The repetitive act of kneading is a form of active meditation (plus its great for banishing bingo wings!).

These are two simple recipes that I use weekly and always get yummy and healthy results.

1. Lorraine Pascale’s Doris Grant Loaf.

Doris Grant Loaf

2. Mireille Guiliano’s French Baguettes

French Baguettes

Hot Buttered Baguette

Although bread making, like most baking, is fairly scientific, you can still be creative. Try adding flavours like olives, herbs or grated cheese to your dough.  Forget the loaf tin and make rolls or one large round loaf. Try it once and you will be hooked, guaranteed…have fun!

– Miss C x