This week I was treated to a belated birthday gift in the form of a pasta-making lesson at Roberta Sabatini. Mr Crumpet and I have tried and failed in our attempts to make pasta at home. It has always been too dry or too soft, never just right.

Under expert tutelage we transformed 1 egg, 100g “00” flour and a pinch of salt into the perfect portion of tagliatelle for one.  I became very grateful to ‘Lola’, my pasta machine for the night, who produced heavenly pasta ribbons despite my amateur skills.


Pasta Machine


Mixing Pasta Dough


Here are the top tips I took away with me from the evening:

  1. Knead your pasta like bread dough, adding more flour if it is too sticky or water if it is too tough.
  2. Put the raw pasta in the fridge for 30mins before you cook it. Much like pastry, it stops the pasta breaking apart as you roll it through the machine.
  3. For fresh pasta add a generous spoonful of salt and a little water to your pan. Drop the pasta in when it reaches a rolling boil, making sure the pasta has room to move and dance about in the pan.
  4. If you must use dried pasta, buy De Cecco.

I am now eager to dust off our Imperia pasta machine and seduce Mr C, Italian mama style… through his stomach.

– Miss C x