Lavender Fields

Mr Crumpet was in need of an adrenaline pumped summer activity, so naturally enough, we found ourselves at Hitchin Lavender Farm. For any other couple a serene activity for a lazy weekend. For us, a high-octane adventure armed with an EpiPen (Mr C is allergic to bees!).

Just imagine if a giant paintbrush, loaded with bright purple oil paint, had daubed a smear across the green fields. The sight was breathtaking and the smell was heavenly! Less a granny’s boudoir, more an aromatherapy massage of sight and smell.

We greedily filled our bags. Grosso was the first lavender variety and the most strong smelling, growing thick and dense with darker stems (the bees love this one!). Our mutual favourite was Maillette, subtler smelling with shorter blooms and silvery green leaves.

A bee in lavender

Picking Lavender

A lavender bouquet

Walking through Fields of Lavender

As we wended home in a lavender induced, soporific stupor, we dreamed of what we could use our stash for. Perhaps, lavender bags as gifts to fend of moths, or to flavour buttery shortbread. For now, the lavender stands proud in all it’s lilac prettiness in a range of vases, jam jars or simply tied with string.

– Mrs C

P.S. We both made it home sting free and 100% alive. The White Company White Lavender Scent Diffuser is a safer option for next time.