Mr Crumpet says…

As Mrs Crumpet and I tiptoe through the 25+ age range so as not to disturb 30, our peers, like us, are mostly settled, building their homes and sharing their lives with their chosen swan/penguin/lobster. We have attended a number of weddings this summer, each individually perfect and wonderful occasions to share in the memories.

However, I was unprepared for a recent phone call from my ‘twin’ (as je suis fils unique, he’s not actually my twin, but a good look-a-like) who announced that he and his lovely lady were the first of my peers to be expecting. Experiencing the typical stages in a flash (shock, denial, acceptance, delight), we set about marking this occasion in true Crumpet Cottage style. Design by Mrs Crumpet, short ditty by Mr.

Congratulations on your impending parenthood!

Feet up, foot rub,
soon to join an exclusive club,
cots, prams, homemade jams,
await the birth of your new little lamb,
build nest, short rest,
create a home for your perfect guest.

– Mr C