Turning a house into a home does not just sap your energy and creativity, but your bank balance too! This summer we have not left the shores of (not so) sunny England. To improve our mood and help us to imagine we are dozing in a hammock, on an island paradise, props are definitely needed.

Sipping one of these classic rum cocktails in your slippers of an evening, you will be transported to feeling the sand between your toes and steel drums in the air.

Rum and Limes


MOJITO (my favourite)

1 small chopped lime

5-10 mint leaves

60ml white rum

20ml sugar syrup

3tsp light brown sugar

dash soda water

Combine all the ingredients crushing vigorously as you go, serve lumps and all with a decorative mint sprig on top.


90ml rum

3tbsp coconut milk

3tbs pineapple chunks

Blend all the ingredients with two handfuls of ice and strain into glasses.


30g strawberries

3oml rum

30ml lime juice

15ml strawberry schnapps

1tsp castor sugar

Crush the ingredients with ice and strain into martini glasses.

Cocktail Book

To become a true cocktail connoisseur, pick up The Cocktail 200 Fabulous Drinks by Jane Rocca (it’s worth it just for the amazing illustrations by Kat Macleod alone, here’s her online portfolio at The Jacky Winter Group).


– Miss C x