A little update on the smallest of spaces.

Our balcony has proved a revelation this summer (first introduce by Mr C here); neither Mr Crumpet nor I have ever had our own outside space. The original plan, of eating warm evening suppers with a glass of wine outdoors, quickly being usurped by a small jungle of veggies and herbs that we care for like children (sad I know!).

The ripening of our tomatoes has slowed right down. Now is the time to uproot you vine and hang it somewhere warm for the last of these delicious fruits to ripen. Perhaps the airing cupboard will do?

Ripe Tomato

We have started emptying the contents of pots, drying them out and stacking to be used again next year.

Buy your spring bulbs now, we chose some white emperor tulips, and planted them ready for spring.

Planting Bulbs

Our mini rose bush is still surviving too!

I would also like to introduce you to our Compostable Watering Can from M&S. It looks and feels just like plastic but is completely organic and compostable! Plus all proceeds go to The Eden Project, you can find them easily to buy online.

Watering Can

Happy Harvesting!

– Mrs C x