Ship Shape

Ship Shape - container with small spatula

Mumbie owns almost every Alessi kitchen product, in every colour, in every style… and I don’t blame her. For an impending birthday, mother’s day or Christmas, I always know where to turn for a special gift.

Alessi was founded in the 1920s, in Italy, and since the 1950s has specialised in stainless steel manufacturing. A visit to the Alessi website is always pretty exciting as they are more than just a design factory. You can read articles, view events, discover collaborations and upcoming projects, in addition to buying some of the amazing tableware and household products they offer.

‘transforming the gadget function ascribed to objects by the consumer’s society into a transitional opportunity, namely into an opportunity for consumers to improve their perception of the world.’

Alberto Alessi

In modern day consumer culture, companies have to offer so much more than only the products they create; Alessi has been doing this from its conception. Enhancing the buyers experience and subtly educating them on design, objects, art and innovation.  At the London Design Festival, Alessi is celebrating its 90th anniversary, showcasing some iconic designs they have created over the decades in collaboration with designers such as Philippe Starck and David Chipperfield.

Mandarin citrus-squeezer with goblet

Mandarin citrus-squeezer with goblet

Biscuit Box

Mary biscuit box (the lid is biscuit scented!)

A small token from Alessi is the perfect housewarming or wedding gift, as my contemporaries set up their own ‘Crumpet Cottages’ around the world. No house can be a home without a little Alessi inside.

Happy Anniversary Alessi!

– Mrs C x