Yoko Sofa Bed

Some very exciting news at Crumpet Cottage – we now have a sofa! The wait has been long… very long. The simple pleasure of having somewhere to sit, other than the bed, is heavenly.

After much debate we settled on a Yoko Sofa Bed from Made.com. Yes, there was a long wait, but most sofas take 7 weeks to arrive anyway, so a little longer seemed worth it, especially for the fantastic price!

Slightly panicked about the cream colour choice, Mr C assured me it would be no problem as we are both cleanly adults. However, before the week was out, I watched in horror as a blue biro slid in slow motion from Mr C’s hand onto the sofa seat in a smooth line.

Cream leather sofa

New rule: No objects, foodstuffs or anything except clothed bottom cheeks allowed in the sofa vicinity. (I am debating a total ban, although that would bring us back to sitting on the floor, admiring our new sofa from afar.)

Finally for the fun part, choosing cushion fabric – first swatches from Sanderson and Villa Nova have arrived!

Sanderson fabric swatches

Villa Nova fabric swatches

– Miss C x