Handmade Christmas cards

One of my favourite things to do, is make little hand-made notes and cards for friends (like these), so it’s no surprise I like to make my own cards at Christmas too.

One of the first dates I ever had with Mr Crumpet, when I truly showed my crafty colours rather than a carefully sculpted façade of perfection, was a Christmas card making session last year. At the end of it we were covered in glue and glitter, not as romantic as it sounds, the tidy up was a mammoth project in itself.

This year we wanted to keep the sparkle by making our own cards but without any of the mess that comes with it!

Here’s some merry mess-free card making tips:

1. Choose card and paper in your favourite colours that have already been glittered up, Hobbycraft have a great selection.

Glittering card and paper

2. Cut out and re-use the best elements from cards you were sent last year, recycling and spreading Christmas cheer at the same time!

Cutting out Christmas motifs

3. Instead of using glue that takes a while to dry and makes card soggy, attach decorations using double sided sticky tape, you don’t need much and the roll lasts ages.

Double-sided sticky tape

Sticking to card

4. Try sticky foam pads too, these add a 3D effect to your card design, all craft shops sell them (I even got mine from Sainsbury’s!).

Sticky foam pads

Christmas card decoration

5. Letraset have a great range of alphabets that you rub onto the surface of your card direct, they give a great finish and you can write anything you want.

White Letraset

Christmas lettering

Have fun Christmas crafting!

– Miss C x

Three handmade Christmas cards