Popcorn and gold ribbon on tree

A lengthy debate over tree or no tree has commenced over the last few weeks. Then there was the question of real or fake? What kind of base? In a pot or on a stand? I never knew Christmas tree shopping could be so stressful!

Mr C and I finally found our perfect Crumpet Cottage Christmas houseguest, the chubbiest little Norway spruce you ever saw. The low height works really well with our ever-expanding collection of mid-century furniture.

As we have not yet built up a vast collection of Christmas decorations, some hand-made creations were in order. Starting off tentatively with sparkly white lights, gold bows and strands of glittered popcorn. Popcorn strands featured in a children’s storybook, read to me when I was young, and I have always wanted to try them.

Here’s how:

1. First things first – pop some popcorn (in a microwave is easiest, follow your packs instructions).

2. Lay half your popcorn down on an old plastic bag, spray with spraymount and sprinkle with glitter, then shuffle and repeat (we don’t want glitter overkill!).  I did this step once with gold glitter and again with copper glitter.

Glitter popcorn

3. Thread a needle with white thread; I doubled it over for strength and to easily tie the ends. Push the needle through the popcorn and out the other side so it slides onto the thread and creates a row. You can make them as long or short as you like.

Making popcorn strands

4. Fasten the glittering popcorn strands to your tree with ribbon at either end, step back and admire!

Did you know? ‘In the olden days’ they used dried cranberries too – anything cheap and natural goes!

– Miss C x

Popcorn and red ribbon