White and silver gift wrap

Feeling smug about how well prepared I have been this Christmas lasted about 50 seconds, when I realised a pile of pressies still needed to be wrapped.

Instead of a panic attack, I reached for the glitter and tape, then attacked the wrap with gusto. Luckily, there is amazing inspiration online to draw from, the only problem you are left with is that the gift wrapping is better than the present inside!

Here’s my super quick attempt at personalised wrapping under pressure (I kid you not, it only took 20mins!):

Gift wrap

For speed, assemble all your elements together before you start (a bit like cooking a stir fry). This Waitrose wrapping paper has dotted lines on the inside to follow when you cut, a godsend for those like me who are prone to a scissor wobble.

Initials and glitter clothespins

Keep adornment simple, with card initials and chunky yarns that will contrast with a metallic patterned paper. Something like these bright wooden initials on housetohome are all you need.

Wooden glitter clothespegs

Giant chocolate pennies for luck!

For a simple but quirky embellishment, I used these glittering clothespegs from the Martha Stewart Gift Wrap Challenge created by the fabby Creature Comforts (one of my fave blogs of all time and an absolute must read!).

And relax, the smug smile is back yay!

– Miss C x

Personalised gift wrap