David Hockney Trees Painting

One of the first dates I planned for Mr Crumpet and myself was a trip to Salt’s Mill in Saltaire. I had hoped to impress with the magnificent factory building, David Hockney collection and a cultured seduction over a lentil salad and coffee. Obviously, things rarely turn out quite as you hope.

We arrived in torrential rain and swirling mist, running from the car, leaping over puddles only to find ourselves in a darkened stairwell. Needless to say we got lost. Finding our way again, we realised the Gallery areas were temporarily closed for maintenance and had just enough time to slurp down a cold drink in our soggy clothes (the coffee machines had been shut down) before being ejected back into the cold rain. Luckily Mr Crumpet saw the funny side.

Our Saturday night visit to the Royal Academy of Arts to view David Hockney RA: A Bigger Picture was much more successful. This exhibition is one I know I shall always remember, each room held artistic treasures even more impressive than the last. It ends on the 9th of April so please go if you can (definitely pre-buy your tickets to avoid the huge queue, the admission system on the door is pretty shambolic).

It was so hard to choose favourite pieces; I loved the iPad drawings printed onto canvas and also his smaller charcoal studies dotted around the exhibition. It was fascinating to see a difference in his style, when Hockney draws from life he seems constrained by what he sees in front of him, creating a realistic image. His work in the studio is much more free, playful with colour and perspective.

Inspired, I had a go with the brushes app Hockney uses – it’s not as easy as it looks!

– Miss C x

(Scroll through some more images on the BBC news website here.)

David Hockney Field Painting

David Hockney Path iPad Drawing

David Hockney Woods Painting

David Hockney Bush iPad Drawing