Fortune Eggs

It feels like I have been looking forward to the Easter Bank Holiday all through winter. For Mr Crumpet and I, it will be our very first trip across foreign seas together (plus 5 friends in tow). To celebrate we thought we would bring an offering from the Easter Bunny for our friends to crack on Sunday.

Inspired by the super popular Happy Hippity Hop egg tutorial by Present & Correct over on Poppytalk, we decided to make our own Fortune Eggs.  Within about 5 minutes I was covered head-to-toe in yolk and paint, despairing that I could never share the outcome with you here, as the scene was much too tragic and the eggs less than desirable. However, Mr C saved the day with his painting skills (who knew!) while I pouted through my tears and reached for the camera.

Here are the results, not too bad after all: 

Hand painted eggs

Eggs in paper straw

Here’s what we did:

1. Prick your eggs at either end with a sewing needle, make sure you pop the yolk.

2. Widen the hole at one end, go gently, so it is the size of a small pea.

3. Over a bowl, blow through the smallest hole and the egg contents will be pushed out of the hole at the other end.

4. Leave the eggs to dry, preferably in the sun for a few hours or over night and make a big frittata with the eggs for dinner.

5. Once your eggs are dry, write a fortune, limerick, proverb etc. on a strip of paper, roll it up and pop it through the pea-sized hole and into the egg.

6. Now time to decorate, we used poster paint, but reach for the dye, glitter, anything goes!

Keep your eggs safe in a decorated egg box filled with shredded paper until Easter Sunday.

– Miss C x