watercolour + ink

I have never been a big bike rider, in fact the last time I owned a bicycle it was pink and white, covered in musical notes and called Symphony, I was 9 years old. Mr Crumpet loves to cycle, I imagine us riding through town to pick up fresh baked bread on a Sunday morning after a trip to the local florists. In reality I would be a wobbly, panicking mess, flinching every time a car drove my way.

I decided to face my fear when a friend asked if I could try sketching a bicycle. Trust me, they are really not easy to draw! The simpler the better and I definitely still need a lot of practice.  Illustrator Clare Owen makes delightfully easy work of painting vintage bicycles which you can see in the book ‘Heels On Wheels – A Lady’s Guide to Riding and Owning a Bike’, a must read for all lady cyclists.

I better start researching adult stabilisers.

– Miss C x

Vintage Delivery Bike

watercolour + ink

Bike Pattern