Lucy Young - Harbour Reflections II

Harbour Reflections II

I just love stumbling upon local artists whose work evokes the emotions of the place you are visiting. I think it’s so important to support regional artists, it’s their pieces that I would really like hanging on my walls or displayed in my living room.

Mr Crumpet and I always pop in to local contemporary art galleries we spot, just in case we discover a new artistic genius.  During our weekend seaside foray, we came across the Blue Lias Gallery, brimming with beautiful modern art and craft pieces.

I was introduced to the work of talented artist, Lucy Young (check out her website here). Inspired by her coastal life in the South West of England (jealous much!), she paints gorgeous dreamy seascapes and harbour views.

I found Lucy’s work absolutely charming, full of technical skill and very unique. Normally I don’t go for iridescent shimmer but somehow, with the captured movement and light, a little sparkle seems to bring something magical out on her canvases.

Take a look at Lucy’s portfolio, can you spot her super cute dog Matilda in the paintings?

– Miss C x

Lucy Young - Little Red Boat

Little Red Boat

Lucy Young - Harbour Reflections

Harbour Reflections

Lucy Young - Sunshine Before the Storm

Sunshine Before the Storm