A First Book of Nature

Poor Mr Crumpet has been dragged to many events and exhibitions over our courtship. These range from an exhibition that did not exist, the disastrous first date to Salts Mill and Swedish Rabbit Show Jumping Demonstrations (seriously!). However, I knew he would appreciate my most recent exhibition excitement, despite it being in a bookshop and illustrations for a children’s book.

Foyles bookshop on Charing Cross Road was our destination. They have a gallery (aka tiny room with dodgy walls and bad lighting) on their 3rd floor. For 13 days they displayed illustrations for ‘A First Book of Nature’ by one of my favourite artists Mark Hearld.

Mark Hearld Illustration Exhibition

Mark Hearld Birds Nest

Mark Hearld Seagulls Art

Mark Hearld is well known for his art prints but also his paper collage pieces, all the illustrations were made using paper collage. I could have stared at each one of them for an hour finding new layers and details. It amazes me how he can balance such busy elements to create an energetic yet harmonious image. The book itself is beautifully printed by Walker Books (I treated myself to an early birthday pressie), I actually prefer the illustrations once they are flat on the printed page. To find out more about Mark’s paper collage technique watch this video by St. Jude’s.

I am also now a big fan of the children’s writer Nicola Davies, her poems and childlike imaginings are charming. I hope this happy collaboration continues for future books, in the meantime I shall be pouring over my copy, luckily there are no sticky little fingers at Crumpet Cottage (except for Mr C’s that is).

– Miss C x

Mark Hearld Sheep Illustration

Mark Hearld Paper Collage Exhibition