Child Hood - The Real Event

Every year one of my must visit summer gallery forays is to The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, this year however, I decided to buck the trend and with a teacher friend headed around the back of the building to the much quieter 6 Burlington Gardens.

The Royal Academy has teamed up with the Kids Company who provide practical, emotional and educational support to vulnerable inner-city children’. They have created an exhibition inspired by the London 2012 Olympics, focusing on strength, courage and the obstacles these amazing young people have overcome.

You will experience monsters made out of shoeboxes, poignant video art pieces, hurdle sculpture, hanging cardboard clouds, emotionally intelligent fashion design and some brilliant poetry. I found the experience very emotional and left full of admiration. The artworks were at once charming, at times harrowing, but ultimately full of strength and hope.

So give up your Summer Exhibition ticket, avoid the crowds and neck strain from peering at overly cramped walls heaving with frames. Hop round the back to Child Hood – The Real Event, which ends on 22nd July 2012, you will see some true young artistic genius in the making.

– Miss C x