Tangled Wild Flowers

A brief chink in the grey blanket of cloud allowed me to get some much-needed fresh air yesterday.  A roadside ramble was all time allowed; I challenged myself to notice what pretty things were growing unbidden by the road edge.

With the current wet summer weather an urban jungle has sprung up and is taking over wherever it can, covering pavements, litter and probably, small children and animals too.

As Nana used to say about the rainy weather, “At least the plants are happy”.

Bee on Wild Flower

White Wild Flowers

Wild poppies

Purple Roadside Flowers

Sad to say, I don’t know the names of all the plants I saw, maybe you can educate me?

Don’t forget some wild plants are protected in the UK so think twice before you gather that garland, you can find more information here.

– Miss C x