The Wardrobe

Well, it has finally happened – real life has caught up with me and blog world has had to lie dormant. I had thought starting a new job and planning for an impending home move would be enough to deal with and I could juggle my blog accordingly. In the midst of this, darling Mr Crumpet broke his arm and had to be in hospital for 5 days and suffer 2 operations, while I rushed from work, to his bedside, to my bed and back again.

In short, sorry for the absence and it’s nice to be back.

For a little light relief from daily troubles, I headed to Narnia with three of my chums; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe production by threesixty Theatre at Kensington Gardens. An outdoor theatre venue – similar to a circus big top – with a circular stage, means everyone gets a great view (and slightly different perspective of the show).

I don’t often go to the theatre, as I am quite a fidget and any ‘jazz hands’ acting makes me shudder a little. However, Narnia books, TV series and films have been by my side from junior school to adulthood.

The show styling had a slightly pagan, tribal feel – the costumes were amazing. Imagine the West End production of The Lion King performed at a music festival with a smaller budget. While video projections on the tent roof (I learned this is called a cupola) above the rotating stage, make you feel right inside the action.

Lion Aslan

The small cast rose to the challenge, many playing a variety of characters. The White Witch and her wolves were pretty terrifying. At one point the Witch writhes about chanting on a stone plinth, brandishing a phallic object, like a scene out of Eyes Wide Shut.

The White Witch

Unfortunately, we chose to attend on one of the hottest days of the year. I felt a little faint in the stifling heat of the tent during the first half as Lucy, Edmund, Peter and Susan shivered on stage in full-length fur coats. Luckily the theatre outdoor bar started giving out cups of ice cubes, which we proceeded to drop into our clothing.

A lovely and unique day out for family and friends – part of me still hopes a friendly faun will fall through my wardrobe doors some day for a cup of tea.

– Miss C x

Mr Tumnus