Usually when heading to a festival or fete I am prepared to ‘Ooh’ and ‘Aah’ at stalls of tat, inevitably making a dubious purchase or two while wrapped up in the moment. I have returned home laden with ‘vintage’ dresses of tasteless prints, garish dream catchers and hand painted wind chimes.

At my recent escape to End of the Road Festival, I discovered stalls raising the bar high above my wildest expectations, as I was drawn like a magpie to the tables laden with hand crafted jewellery. Below are some of my favourite discoveries…

Ridley & Dowse – creating whimsical steel and brass pendants, charms and brooches that have been etched with motifs from the natural world.

Ridley Dowse Jewellery

Zincwhite – turning Derwent pencils, vintage typewriter keys and paintbrushes into upcycled pieces of contemporary jewellery.


Gillian Smeulders – making necklaces made from handmade beads and buttons with a vintage aesthetic.

Gillian Smeulders Handmade Jewellery

Do you think a vintage typewriter jewellery piece spelling out                 C R U M P E T would be a tad eccentric?

– Miss C x