Falling Leaf Girl

watercolour + pen + digital

Collecting autumn leaves, jumping in red and orange piles of papery foliage all sounds very romantic. In reality you end up with a twig in your eye, leaf mould up your nose and bugs everywhere but your mittens. To be honest, this green fingered gardeners world is taking a little getting used to! I have conquered rose pruning for winter but having an actual tree in the garden is another matter.

Luckily, Mr Crumpet and I picked up a ‘like new’ copy of The Thrifty Gardener by Alys Fowler from a local charity shop. Just flicking through the thick matt ‘recycled look’ paper in its eco palette makes me feel more like an eco warrior.

Did you know leaves should be kept separate from your regular compost as they decompose slower? I sure didn’t.

Happy raking!

– Miss C x