This Christmas has been filled with dreamlike restfulness. Most of my time has been spent either taking leisurely walks through wintry banks of cloud or lying with a warm mince pie in one hand and a fairytale book in the other.

My fairytale binge started with a trip to The Enchanted Forest exhibition at The Gallery at Foyles (where Mr C and I saw the Mark Hearld exhibition). Featuring some of my favourite illustrators; Emma Block, Lesley Barnes, Laura BarrettNatsuki Otani, Yelena Bryksenkova, Emmeline Pidgen and Karolin Schnoor. The illustrations on show were a mix of originals and prints depicting classic fairytale stories, it was so lovely to see the different styles of artworks up close. I skipped out of the gallery in my red duffle coat, à la Little Red Riding Hood, and the world seemed to have a little more magic in it than before.

The Enchanted Forest Exhibition

cinderella illustration

The fairytale theme continued with a first time viewing of Tangled (the classic Rapunzel tale with a sprinkling of girl power and a little artistic license), I have had Disney heroine theme songs on repeat in my head ever since.

I actually felt like a fairytale Princess (albeit a geeky one) when my new Wacom tablet arrived. Can you guess what the first thing I drew with it was?

Princess and Rose Bushes

– Miss C x