Since seeing the lovely cosy homes of family and friends over Christmas, January brings a keen eye for little niggles and less-than-desirable home details at Crumpet Cottage. Having found myself working on more design projects from home, these imperfections become even more annoying when having to look at them all day.

Being in a rented apartment, it is hard to draw the line when making home improvements. Mr. Crumpet gingerly reminds me, as I reach for that paint pot or sandpaper sheet, that a particular piece of furniture is not ours and we will only have to cover up wall stencils when the time comes to move. During today’s lunch break though, enough was enough. With trusty staple gun in tow and a remnant of Villa Nova fabric I tackled an eyesore of a stool (I’m starting small and working up to the bigger projects!).

Stool Before Recovering

1. I first removed the cushion pad cover (brown, lovely!), and took out the foam insert.

2. Then I traced round the wooden seat onto the foam with a dark pencil, I cut this out with sharp scissors, as the foam was not too thick.

Wooden Stool Seat

3. I cut my fabric about 1 inch larger all the way around than the wooden seat with some pinking shear to prevent fraying.

4. Making a sandwich of fabric, foam and wooden seat, I pulled the fabric taught and stapled the edges to the underside of the wooden seat with my staple gun – watch your fingers here.

5. The hardest part was ensuring there were no creases and the fabric was tight enough, this also ensures the foam makes a nice domed shape when you flip the seat over.

6. All that was left to do was pop the wooden seat back onto the stool frame; I was sitting on it with a cup of tea in no less than 15 minutes.

Cream Stool

This little home triumph has reminded me that a little change makes a big difference, even if it is not perfectly done. If it makes you that little bit happier, then go for it!

– Miss C x