Lavender Sachets and Tulips

Despite making copious batches of lavender shortbread we still have heaving bags of dried lavender left at Crumpet Cottage from our trip to Hitchin Lavender Farm. Finding a few moth nibbles in Mr C’s jumpers and a stash of fabric offcuts spurred me on to finally make some lavender bags to hang in wardrobes, tuck into draws or dream on in pillow cases.

It was really simple. First I cut out two small rectangles of my chosen fabric with pinking shears. Then with right sides together I used my sewing machine to stitch the hem, leaving a 2 inch gap. I turned the bags right side out and filled them as full as possible with dried lavender before hand stitching the gap closed.

I also decided to add a ribbon for easy hanging, neon pink was all I had in my sewing box but I really like the contrast, plus I can find the lavender bags easily in my underwear draw!

Here is a great tutorial for making Lavender Sachets from The Purl Bee. Or you could simple purchase some ready made, I love these Lavender Bags from Nancy Straughan over on Etsy.

– Miss C x

Stack of Lavender Bags