Granny Squares and Spring Tulips

Spring cleaning my yarn cupboard, I was struck by all the lovely balls of wool I have just hiding away in boxes (I did an MA in Knitting – another story!), not enough for a big project but perfect for a colourful crochet blanket. With memories of the last never ending winter, I pledge to have a snuggly Granny Square crochet blanket by next Christmas (let’s see if that happens!). At the moment I’m averaging half to one square a night after tea, I have kept the design the same so far and just vary the colours, so I don’t have to keep checking a pattern.

Granny Square Crochet Blocks

A few years ago, I was taught to crochet by the lovely Rachel Matthews at Prick Your Finger, I would recommend learning from a pro, rather than a book if you can – so go give Nana a ring pronto!

Or hop over to Crochet Cabana for a super in depth ‘Granny Square How To’, complete with videos, here.

Here’s some more inspiration…

DIY Picture Tumblr

via DIYPicture on Tumblr

purl bee giant granny square

Joelle’s Giant Granny Square on The Purl Bee

one sheepish girl granny cowl

Granny Square Cowl on One Sheepish Girl

TIP: Charity Shops often have knitting needles and crochet hooks in storage, they can’t display them in the shop for safety reasons, so just ask at the till.

Happy Hooking!

– Miss C x