Teazles detail on linen fabric

I feel so torn about tea towels!

My practical side wants tea towels that will dry and clean, that can be chucked in the washing machine, or cut up into dusters at the end of their life.

My creative side wants statement art tea towels, that are never to be used, everyone in the house knowing that they are display only – so hands off!

This week my kitchen became the proud owner of a hand printed Teazles Tea Towel by Steven Jenkins of Hogweed Pottery. It is so beautiful I am even considering getting it framed. Obviously I can never actually use it to dry the dishes!

Hand printed tea towel

Linen hand made tea towel.

I am also loving Steven’s hand-cast earthenware, each piece is hand painted and fired in his Somerset studio, so every one is unique.

Hand- cast and painted pottery

Don’t worry, I still went out and picked up some lovely simple tea towels from trusty M&S to do the hard drying work.

– Miss C x