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Father's Day Fishing by Katy BlossTo all the wonderful daddies in the world past and present. You might only get socks for Christmas and Birthday’s but know we still love you.

– Katy x

Father and Daughter playtime.

Happy Dad's Day!Dads’ are notoriously difficult to buy for. So instead of resorting to the usual bottle of wine, tie or pair of socks that gets greeted with a sigh and a forced smile, I decided to go homemade.

Here is a super simple step-by step stencil; you don’t need any special equipment (I made this in my living room).

1. Find an appropriate quote – hard part over. Print this on A4 paper in black and white.

2. Cut out your letters with a scalpel, watch your fingers!

3. Attach the stencil with masking tape to your background paper, mine is brown paper from Paperchase.

4. Using a stipple brush, dab paint onto the lettering, be patient and gentle when you hit delicate areas e.g. the middle of an ‘O’.

5. Peel off the stencil as soon as you’re finished. Et voila!


  • Make sure you use a font that is easy to cut out and not too fine. I used the traditional Stencil font, easy to cut out and manly for Dad too!
  • Use an acrylic or poster paint, these are not too wet, won’t bleed and dry fast.
  • If you don’t have a stipple brush, a makeup sponge works brilliantly.

– Miss C x

Step-by-Step Stencil

A gift for Dad