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Katy Bloss Survival Illustration


Modern day kitty cats know the only way to survive being dressed in a mini bonnet and booties is to use up one of their nine lives, then chow down happily on some tuna.

My scanner has turned the watercolours of the little girls hair grey! It must know it’s my birthday soon – how rude.

Katy x

Kate Crumpet Space IllustrationEveryone knows you can’t go into space without sieve on your head – or at the very least a cardboard box.

– Miss C x


Be My ValentineI hope you get either something sweet, something smiley or something scented today.

– Miss C x


Caveman and Wheel IllustrationNot exactly the most crumpetty illustration ever, but it’s always good to stretch yourself! After slopping coffee on my favourite cardi for the THIRD time this little fella (perhaps my inner self) popped onto the page.

– Miss C x


Cow Jumps Over The Moon

watercolour + ink


Wish I could jump this high to escape all the puddles on my part of the Earth.

– Miss C x